Sarbamangala Temple

There are a number of temples in Garbeta but particular mention has to be made of the temple of Sarva Mangala. It is peculiar in having its door facing the north. According to the tradition, during the days of Maharaja Vikramaditya of Ujjain a yogi was wandering about in the thick of the forests and was attracted to this particular place. He immediately brought about a temple of Sarva Mangala Devi through his mantras. Maharaja Vikramaditya came to know of the dynamic force of this and came to Garbeta where he performed a tantric sadhana sitting on a dead body. The Devi was pleased with the sadhana of the Maharaja, blessed him with supernatural powers and gave him the services of Tal and Betal. The Maharaja wanted to test the spiritual power conferred on him by the Devi and asked Tal and Betal to turn the temple and make it face the north. Tal and Betal did so and it is said that the name Garbeta derives its name from Tal and Betal.