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Block profile


Garhbeta-I Block is located in the North part of Paschim Medinipur. It is surrounded by Bankura in the north, Garhbeta-III block in the south, Chandrakona-II block in the east and Garhbeta-II Block in the west. Therefore, this block also has district boundary with Hooghly district in the North-East. The block has a tropical climate with temperatures of maximum 44 degree Celsius and minimum 09 degree Celsius. The block is divided into twelve Gram Panchayats (Kadra Uttarbil, Sandhipur, Baramura, Shyamnagar, Dhadika, Agra, Benachapra, Amkopa, Amlagora, Garanga, Garhbeta, Kharkushma).

Garhbeta I CD Block has an area of 358.23 km2. It has 1 panchayat samity, 12 gram panchayats, 162 gram sansads (village councils), 371 mouzas and 306 inhabited villages. Garhbeta and Goaltore police stations serve this block. Headquarters of this CD Block is at Garbeta.

The Silabati River (also known as Silai) originates in the terrain of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau in the Purulia district of the state of West Bengal in eastern India. It flows in an almost southeasterly direction through the districts of Bankura and West Midnapore. The Silabati joins the Dwarakeswar near Ghatal and afterwards is known as Rupnarayan. It finally joins the Hooghly River, which empties into the Bay of Bengal.

Almost every year the Silabati causes flooding, particularly in Banka, Khirpai and Ghatal area. There is a small reservoir on the Silabati near Khatra known as kadam dewli dam where a canal from Mukutmanipur Kangsabati dam meets.

Administrative Setup

Name of G.Ps


  • No. High School : 22
  • No. Jr. High School : 22
  • No. of Primary School : 182
  • No. of College : 01
  • No. of M.S.K. : 10
  • No. of S.S.K : 109
  • No. of Madrasha : 02
  • No. of Child Labour School : 01
  • No. of P.P Kendra : 01
  • No. of I.C.D.S. centre : 314
  • Library : 05